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Pour obtenir un devis rapide, merci de nous envoyer votre document par e-mail à l'adresse suivante:

Vous pouvez également nous contacter par téléphone pour avoir des informations mais nous serons plus à même de vous donner un devis précis si nous avons votre document en main.

Si, pour des raisons de confidentialité, vous ne souhaitez pas nous envoyer votre document avant d'être sûr de vouloir travailler avec nous, merci de nous communiquer le nombre de mots compris dans votre document, ainsi que le domaine de compétence / type de document (marketing, technique, légal, etc...) pour que nous puissions vous faire un devis.

Cliquez ici pour savoir comment compter le nombre de mots dans un document.

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Nous bureaux se situent dans les locaux d'Artelia (ex-Sogreah), à Echirolles, en banlieue sud de Grenoble.

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Notre formulaire de contact ci-dessous semble avoir un problème et nous ne recevons pas forcément tous les messages, donc merci de nous envoyer un email directement à l'adresse suivante :

Formulaire de contact



The Client has validated the documents. He thanks us for having kept the deadline and compliments you for the quality of the translations.

I hope we have an opportunity of working with you again in the recent future.

Yann Renoul, (Civil engineering and building, Hydraulics, Standards)


Thank you very much indeed for the reactivity of you and your team - you have got us out of quite a tight spot!

Our offer will be leaving tonight (as too will most of our staff) and it wouldn't have been possible without your support.

I look forward to working together again in 2012, in much more reasonable circumstances!

Benjamin Wells, Transport Projects, Coteba, group Artelia (Civil engineering and building, Transport)



Arca Agency, Arca's website (Communication, Corporate journalism, Marketing)

Arca is the only agency that specialises exclusively in corporate journalism. It targets companies whose organisation is complex, multisite, international, confronted with change and open to technology. 98% of its publications are taken from international interviews and are translated into several languages. Arca's clients are world leaders in their respective sectors.

We translate articles and newsletters written by Arca's journalists from French to English.

Rio Tinto Alcan, RTA's website (Process engineering, Waste management, Aluminium production, Human resources, Health, Safety and Environment)

Rio Tinto Alcan is a leader in the aluminium industry. It is a global supplier of high quality bauxite, alumina and aluminium.

We have been working with RTA for a considerable period of time (having worked initially with Aluminium Péchiney) on various types of documents (technical reports, training or HSE documents, etc.), predominantly from French to English and English to French.